About The Better Life Experiment

Having a long-term condition, especially as a young person, isn’t easy. But there are ways to make it less hard.

The Better Life Experiment is a series of three workshops supported by an app, intended to support young people with long-term conditions as they transition to becoming young adults with long-term conditions. Through the workshops, the Better Life Experiment offers young people a safe space to explore taking on more of their own care, to learn how to have tricky conversations with the adults who care about them, and to get to know others who are going through similar things. The supporting app is intended to guide them through the programme and is also a place for participants to record their private thoughts and reflections.

The programme is targeted towards 12 to 16 year olds with long-term conditions who are interested in figuring out how to better manage their own care. The programme is designed to be easily replicated and run by organisations that support young people in transitioning to greater responsibility for their care. If you’d like to conduct your own Better Life Experiment, please get in touch. For all other enquiries, please contact us or read more on the TalkLab Consortium website.

The Better Life Experiment is a project of the Talk Lab Consortium, a collective of health care workers, artists, writers, and others working with young people to try to make the NHS a better place for everyone.